old school xr350 question

I've gotten a new wr426 and I have a '97 scrambler 400, so I don't ride my '84 xr 350 much any more. I'm pretty sure it's an xl with all the extras taken off and dirt tires put on, but it also has a disc front brake and nitrogen charged front forks. Does anyone know if the xl and the xr used the same suspension components? I recently rode (briefly) a '84 cr 250, and the suspension looked the same, but felt much nicer than my old tank. (the cr is for sale for $600)

no, the XL suspension is different from the XR bikes. they usually have about 1-2" less travel and sometimes use smaller front forks. The rear shocks do not have the remote resevior on it either--that is an easy way to tell an 80s XL bike. ALso look for the rear passenger foot pegs on the swing arm or frame. That would set you off to an XL. Also check the VIN plate on the steering head. it should name the year and model.

my friend had an 85 XL350 and bought a 85-86 XR600 rolling chassis for $75. we took the forks off, had the tripleclamps machined to fit the 600 forks and bolted them right on. the rear shock with piggy back was a bitch to get on but it required no more than a couple whacks from a hammer and a 350lb friend named TINY. the plushness of that machine was AWESOME and we never-ever bottomed it out, metal gas tank and all!!!!


DRZ400E: Where's the power on this thing?

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