Yamaha madness video

Nice! Where is that trail? Is that even made for Motorcycles? :thumbsup: Nice footwork and maneuvering in the tight spots!

south end of vancouver island.

Great video but bad choice of music. :thumbsup:

fack off with the music shat.

im not interested in using any cow pie lovin country BS, and i have used everything else under the sun.

Sorry Simon I did not mean to offend you. The first song was just irritating while watching great video footage. :thumbsup:

well then turn it down. your lucky you don't speak Portuguese or you might be offended too. and don't worry, I'm not taking it the wrong way. but no matter what songs, eng noise, combination, or lack of. people [@#$%&*!] about it. and after spending lots of time on, set up, filming, editing the clips, and the sound............. it suck the get bitched at.

I'm editing my sig.


OK Simon we all get the point! Like I said, Great video! Good editing! Great riding! Great weather! Fast riding! DivX! :thumbsup: Thanks for sharing! :devil:

on worries :thumbsup: I'm just fu-king with you. you are only one of the masses.

what songs would you suggest?

Music........check out the GIXERCART video music!

On that vid, Simon, is it filemd with a helmet cam? I cannot believe how smooth it all is?

yes, all helmet cam. if you watch a good dirt biker or MTBer you will notice that ther head stays still and the arms/legs/bike fly around.

Impressive quality indeed. :thumbsup:

Very nice!! :thumbsup:

where in vic are you riding?

not in Victoria {its a city :devil:}. we ride all over the south island. cant say exactly where. you will have to come out riding with us and see. :thumbsup:

I also went on the dirtcams.com videos. I had a lot of fun watching those vids until that particular one... I then stopped watching the vids totally stunned and confused :thumbsup::lol::devil:

Was I even allowed to watch this? :awww:

I just finished watching the video. Very nice! Nice trails, climbs, wheelies... Very nice! :thumbsup:

"until that particular one"


My kinda fun :thumbsup:

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