Yamaha madness video

I watched the one called : mototraining. I'm speechless.

similar to what we ride here :devil:, nice music choice, calming except for the prodigy part, 2 stroke guy seems quite fast and technicly well based

only the sound and pic quality are the downgrade, but space and computing time are precious..

you might try this one, wich my friend made..not to lurn how to drive :thumbsup:, but what quality is acceptable for "the masses", muvie size issues, yes, I know

muvie DL (save target as, or dl with DAP or whatever)

113MB - digital camera + pinnacle7


no go on the link. wont let me DL from thet ip. :thumbsup:

you might try this one, quality is acceptable for "the masses",

what format?

its mpg

[@#$%&*!] why not working :thumbsup:

probably just temporary unavailable, worked today

right now its working but only with DAP




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