xr 400 or 600 for begginers

I am considering a drz 400, wr 400, and the xr400. I have very litle experience on dirt bikes and a little more then that on quads. I intend to ride mostly for fun and no racing or big-air jumps (ok maybe little ones). I live in the south west with sandy conditions that are mostly wide open. I am about 6' and 170 lbs. I want a bike that's tame enough to learn on but not a dog that I will grow out of. I really liked the reliability of the xr 400. Is the xr going to be too much bike for me?

Hi Cdanna

Any of the 400's will be ideal for you - the 650 is a bit much really unless everywhere is very flat and fast. Each have their own merits. The DRZ gets electric start but the other two are easy to kick once you get the knack. The WR is probably the better race tool for technical tracks but saying that, all of the experienced guys I've seen on XR's are so silky smooth and fast. Me - I went for the XR and I love it. I've now completed 4 races from having a handful of offroad experiences. It's high enough for me (6ft also), loads of mid range grunt - pick a gear, any gear and go - smooth and friendly - all on the throttle - totally reliable with very little to go wrong - I no very little about mechanics I just wanted to ride. My brother rides the WR and there appears to be little in it in performance. I've got an Acerbis twin headlight, and bar busters and we're all in agreement - it looks the business. Okay, I'm biased. XR400's are great.

The 400 is a good bike. Light and quick. The XRs are great trail bikes and for riding on fire roads. I have had an XR since I started riding and they are very reliable even with little maintenance done on them.

At 170lbs, you are the target weight the factory sets the suspension up for, so you will be comfortable on the suspension of the bike. I weight the same also.

The 400 is about the size of the 250, but has more power. Stock it will be very tame and un eventful in the engine. Once you open the intake, exhaust and then rejet the carb, it will have about 20% more power. If that does not do it for the power bug, there are many companies that do big bore kits to help in that department. The 430 kit is the most ecomonical for power and price.

I have a 600 cause I wanted more power then the 400, but I have riden since I was 8. The xr6 is about 20lbs heavier than the 4, but that is about the same weight as my old 82 XL250. So that was not an issue. Basically the 400 will be a good bike, and there are a TON of aftermarket parts out there for it.

Check http://www.justxr.com in the tech section. There is a new 4 page article written about someones adventures and modifications with their new xr4.


96 XR6 http://xr600.cjb.net

I have a 600 and it was my first dirt bike( i had a few years of riding harlies under my belt but no offroad. Im 6'5" and 200lbs, and im very happy with my 600. not too much power. very smooth. With that said if you are a little younger,and dont have the restraint. you can easly get yourself into trouble with the big 6. its very easy to get going too fast. and the bike is heavy and doesnt stop on a dime. esp. with that nice soft suspension.

So theres no reason you cant learn on a 6. but if your nervous about knowing your limits stick to the 4.

Xr400r easy to learn to ride and work on.

I've never ridden a 400..All I'll say is you can't beat the full on grunt of 600's.Just turn the gas and away it goes with that huge exhaust note((with the right pipe of course))..I'd never go smaller than a 500 for general use.You also say you live in a place with sandy conditions..Face it you need the torque of a 600. I'm totally biased of course...

EDIT: I was careless enough to not notice how old this thread is, but here's the fix:


Talk about dredging up an old post. It must be some kind of record with Jan 2001. I think that the original poster solved his "which bike" questions about 7 years ago.

thats bizare. i just saw the post and though it was new.the only thing i can think was i was doing a search for something and i didnt relize i was still looking at search results threads.

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