Bubbling Graphics - Any Advice?

The graphics are starting to bubble on one side of my gas tank on my 01 WR426. Any advice on how to stop this from spreading or to what may have caused it in the first place? The bike is practically brand-new and the other side of the tank is fine. I am sure this has been addressed countless times in the past but it is new to me.

Thank for your help!


try taking a needle and poping the whole, then push down on the bubble...just dont poke to hard and put a whole in your tank :thumbsup:

its because the plastic cant stop the fuel to evaporate through it so it gets caught under sticker

that leads to another thought...fuel stored in plastic looses its octane number

take a hair drier to the bubble and push it out, or just use pin needle. a small roller with hair drier or credit card will push it out with help of heat from hair drier.

Ig you look at the graphic, does it have small incisions in it? That's so the vapor can escape. If not, you can probably take a razorblade or needle to nick it in the problem areas.

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