all the posts on here are about anything but xr650's so ill post how i roosted a new xr650 WITH the power up kit. the guy told me he wasted his money and should have gotten a wr, so i agreed with him, but they do have a nice couch to sit on! and why not just delete the 650 on the forum title?

Is this dude a freak or what?Is he the most hated man in the BRP community,should we track him down?

I've just gone back to the very first Xr600/650 pages and on page one there was a dude asking about an FCR on the new XR650r,other dudes asking about pipes,HRC kits and stuff.

The birth of the forum and guys were already after WOFO from them.Mr Bell from Precision concepts has even dialled in here waaay back.

Cool as fug i reckon.



HUH? 2-7-01 kinda an old post?

Way to go weskc35k !! :smirk:

Dug up a dinosaur of a thread.

Dug up a dinosaur of a thread.

Nearly ten years old! That must be some kind of record.

I do my best.

Seriously go back to the first pages and it's awesome to see the evolution of the thing..

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