New Plastics

Ok, so I've taken enough diggers and ridden through enough brush that the plastics are beginning to actually dry rot. Who sells the complete plastic kit at the best price?

Acerbis at Rocky Mountain ATV. Full kit for $120 I believe. :thumbsup:

Don't think you'll find "cheap" kits from anyone. :mad:I would piece meal them off of ebay.

Although they say "complete kit" be sure to read, most dont come with fork guards or front number plate.

Yep, e-bay......keep shopping/ stuff on there daily......

Plus, do google searches....

And, if you find a good place, post it here.........I've been looking and haven't found anyone good yet....

$110 at bto sports and TT does 110% guarantee on price matching

Just bought a comlete Acerbis Kit for my 00 426 from (Factory color) Very happy with the kit - had to do a few small mods but nothing major.

Kit includes - everything but the tank and fork guards. Total with Shipping was 99.00. I really like the plain blue look but most will probably want to purchase an additional graphics kit for 39.00. The quality of this plastic is way better than stock. (I worked in the plastics industry for 10 years) Well worth it - Don't go used....


Rev is correct. The kit didn't come with the fork guards or front # plate.


I have had 2 acerbis yz rear fenders and both of it tend to turn dry and white with small cracks all over the surface of it and loses its shine quite quickly. This could be due to exposure to sunlight and wet weather plus the fact i have 3 holes drilled to mount a tail light. Strangely this only happens on the top side, the under side exposed to the wheels are still very nice condition. :thumbsup:

I have a 2000 yz426f and I just got a Hurricane kit from 3 days ago. Only $150 bucks! One Industries doesn't make the kit anymore, but Bob's had 4 left. They are now down to three! It comes with front and rear fenders, radiator shrounds, front number plate, fork guards, seat cover, and graphics!!! I am very very pleased with it!

I have not found one company that has a straight front fender UFO, Acerbis , etc.. they always are bent to one side or the other - the yamaha plastic seems to be more flexible than other makes - all other pieces no problem - I saw a ad for a new company "polisport" that is supposed to be better quality plastic - I will try them next time - maybe just a front fender to test

I just looked at all the old photo's I have of you riding at Copperhead. you ride side saddle most of the time! Are you sure it's the plastic or the crooked rider????

Bonzai :thumbsup:

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