'01 YZ 426 and Yosh exhaust

I'm looking at buying an '01 YZF 426, extremely well kept, low hrs, etc. It comes with a full Yoshimura exhaust system plus the stock header/exhaust and FMF powercore4. The guy will take $3200 with the Yosh system or $3000 without the Yosh (I'm in So Cal so prices are higher here). Heres my question: Is the Yosh worth the extra $200?? Or would I be perfectly happy with the stock header/ FMF combo? :thumbsup:

i have the yoshi rs3 comp ti slip on, with a gytr header on it. i know just the stainless version cost around 325 i think and thats for the slip on, the full stainless is like 490 so yea 200 buck is a deal now isit worth it, probably i know if its a new enough model you can get a tec kit which has 2 differnt noise reducers and spark arrestors with them. now i say new enough because it needs to have 3 allen bolts right around the tip, with these you can remove them and insert one of the noise reducers its as easy as that. if its an older model like mine you have to remove the enitre end cap the install the reducer backwards and it will work then. good luck i know i like mine with the 96db insert in it. :thumbsup:

Naaee, let him have it..

Instead buy the Dr.D complete race system from BTO,

only 384$ :thumbsup:


Is your Yosh tested at 96db?

What Tec kit did you get?

How do you like the pipe?

Effect the Bike at all?

I am looking to get a legal pipe now, I am looking at Yosh

I have the full Yosh stainless steel exhaust on my '02 426. In adding the Yosh it really 'livened' the bike up! It has mad a tremendous difference :thumbsup: I believe all aftermarket systems will give you a small HP boost it is just a matter of where and how(pwr delivery) in the pwrband this occurs.

I paid, much more than $200 for my Yosh....seems completley reasonable cost to me. :devil:

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