Wife wants a dirt bike...which is best for a beginner???

Our family took up this awesome sport about 1 1/2 yrs. ago, and when we first started riding, my wife wanted a quad, while me and my two sons rode our dirt bikes. She said that the quad felt more stable, and the whole balance thing felt a little intimidating. A few weeks ago, she was climbing a small hill, and looped-out on the quad, and the quad came tumbling right back at her, narrowly missing her. After that incident, we were all a little sobered after watching the quad come down the hill, and my wife has since decided that she, too, might like to join us on the "two-wheeled" side. After all, we have crashed NUMEROUS times, with hardly ever anything more that bruised pride. My question is this, those of you who have wives, girlfriends, sisters, whatever, that ride dirt bikes, can you give me some feedback as to which bikes are tried and true, beginner friendly bikes. If any of you women would chime in, with some encouraging words, we would both appreciate it. She told me the other day, that she is a little intimidated, but she is a real trooper, and as a lot of you know, if Momma ain't havin' fun, ain't NOBODY havin' fun!! We are looking at a new DRZ 250. What other suggestions do you guys and gals have?? Thanks for the help, Rekless. :thumbsup:

I understand why your wifes scared, I was on the back of my friends 400EX with no helmet and we rolled it going up a hill and it landed on me :devil: ouch! I guess you could check out the XR250 or whatever it is now, or maybe a CRF230. The KDX220 seems like a reliable bike too, but you may be a thumper family ..so it seems :thumbsup:

My first choice would be a TTR250, then I would go with a CRF230. You can get lowering links for both bikes when she begins and when she feels comfortable you can raise it back up.

Ill second the CRF230. Good, reliable trail bike. A little on the heavy side. I would NOT recommend the TTR225 or 230. Big, fat, pig. The XR250 and CRF230 are practically bullet proof. Do you think she could handle a WR250f?

The ttr 125LE is great, My wife loves hers, also the Honda CRF150 is a nice bike. Lots of Mods on the market for the TTR125!!! Remember that not only are you buying her a new bike but yourself a new TOY!

CRF 230 F is a solid bike. My son has it for his first bike and he has beat the hell out of it and it runs and runs and runs. Now if only someone would make an autoclutch for it.

Actually we looked at the KDX's, but I thought that they may be a little too much power for her abilities. What do you guys think? I am switching to the 300 EXC, so I wouldn't be opposed to getting her a KDX. Are they gonna be user friendly? :thumbsup:

I am thinking a KDX may be a tad much for a beginner it is a 2 smoke and very snappy IMO. I bought my wife a TTR-125LE with electric start the bike weighs in at 183 pounds dont get no better than that my wife is 5'10" and we need to raise the bars a bit but she sat on a CRF 450 and liked it alot :thumbsup:

if she is shorter, lighter, or more timid, or you are riding more challenging terrain, a ttr125L (or le) is a great choice. if none of those conditions apply, then a bigger bike is a reasonable choice too.

If she's not real tall, TTR125LE

If she is tall, TTR125LE with tall seat foam :thumbsup:

If she is short, try the TT-R125LE. If she is tall, try the TT-R230 or CRF230. Electric start is well worth the extra weight - especially for the girls. I upgraded my daughters from xr200s to crf230s just to get the electric start - and it was well worth. It prevents a ton of frustration.

Get whatever bike fits her well. She may want something too small at first, but get her one that first right or she won't enjoy a day of riding.

I bought my wife a TTR 125L. She had never ridden before. It is a great bike for a beginner. Then when she needs a little more you can add some mods to get more power. I would highly suggest electric start no matter what bike you buy. Good Luck :thumbsup:

what are you guys talking about? :thumbsup: go big or go home. give her a cr 500 and tell her to let out the clutch reall quick, and floor it. :devil:

on a serious note, i would reccomend the ttr-125le. the crf 150 is pretty heavy. why not have her try your bike, and if its too much for her, try the kdx 200 or 220.

Like I said the TTR-125LE is hard to beat at 183 pounds with elec start.

NUFF SAID.. :thumbsup:

Well I know if I personally had to buy my wife a bike I'd have a tough time choosing between a TM400 Zook, or perhaps an SC500 Yammie. Oops...sorry, this is THUMPERtalk isn't it....lemme see...oh yeah...SL350 Honda; what it lacks in performance it more than makes up for in mass...hmm now somehow that really seems quite fitting :thumbsup:

I got my girl a crf150 which is an awesome bike. But I think it is a litte ball-less. She liked it at first but is ready for something a little faster. I thought about the crf230 ( heavy though) or maybe the crf150r when it comes out next year.

You already got a lot of votes for two great beginner bikes, the ttr125L and crf230. If she'd tall enough and feels comfotable on it take a look at a KLX300. Little lower than most full size rigs, smooth 4 stroke power and weighs about the same as the Honda 230. Downside is the kick start.

We just came back from the dealer, where she sat on a CRF 230, TTR 250, XR 250, and of all, she really liked the DRZ 250. I'm not real brand loyal, so I kinda let her pick what she thought felt good. It's got electric start, and it does feel very good. Anybody have any bad experience with the DRZ? :thumbsup:

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