Input / Experience With Pro-Circuit 496 and FMF Q

Well Since White Brothers It seems never release the E2 for the 426 or 400 I am left at other choices. After waiting 1 year for this pipe, I am totally disgusted with WB and its attitude on getting this pipe out

Anyone using th PC 496 and or the FMF Q or the Yosh with the Tech quiet kit?

What are he Pro's Con's based on your experiance?

Have they met Sound test 96db?

Quality of Pipe?

Would you by one again?

What does it do to your bikes Power?

I have the 496 on my 04 and the Q on my 01. I also had the Q on my 450. The 496 is louder and would be very close to not passing. I have no negative thoughts on the Q. The bike with the Q also has the Powerbomb.

BTW the E2 did not get a good review initially.

The e2 for the 426 isnt out yet? Its listed in the Rocky Mountain MC catalog. $294.00 :thumbsup:

The e2 for the 426 isnt out yet? Its listed in the Rocky Mountain MC catalog. $294.00 :thumbsup:

I know that, I have had one on order for over a year. My last conversation with WB was yesterday, they now claim they need a 426 and a 400 to fit the pipe. That was the last straw for me. :devil:

Having installed and heard a bunch of 450s with different exhaust at work, I can give you my view on them.

The Q is the quietest muffler hands down. Power wise, it is the best down low, but gives up lots of mid and top end.

The PCs are loud. I have not heard a 496, but the normal t4s are loud and I cannot imagine them being quiet enough to pass any 98 db test. Nice quality pipe, but loud.

the DRD is probably one of the best values out there. Stock they are a bit loud, but nothing like the T4 system. They do have a quiet core, but have not heard of anyone installing one yet.

The E2 pipe sounds just like stock, just 12" longer. I dont have anything really good to say about it and would not bother waiting for one either.

The Carbon Pro pipes give lots of power. Just like the E series. They are louder, but the power is there. Keep them packed to keep them quiet.

I have the Carbon Pro Meg E series on my 426 and it is quieter than my friends 250F with the T4 system by about 4 db. The trick is to keep it packed and I just run the turn down tip on it.


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