1993 XR600R CHOKE

Should the black choke lever be up or down to engage the choke? Should the lever be all the way up or down or in the middle when riding? Thanks for your input on a dumb question.

On my 1995 the choke lever in the "down" position is the off position. The words "Choke" and a small arrow are cast into the arm of the lever. You kind of have to look close to see them.

So "up" position is Choke on.

Thanks, it just seemed backwards that way. I have a manual for the bike and it didn't help. Your reply has help, thank you.

Think of it this way: if its running really rich all of a sudden and you dont know why, its all choked "UP". Bad play on words, I know, but I recently found this out the hard way. I actually tore into the carburetor and rejetted trying to fix it. :thumbsup:

My 93 XR650 idles much higher when choke is on, so that's 1 way to tell.

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