xr fork conversion

will a crf450 fork fit on a xr650? any help needed...


I think it can be done with some machine work, but some people who has put inverted forks on the pig reported that they have issues with the frame cracking.

The XR stem has to be pressed into the 450's trees. The story about the frame cracking is just BS,

the 650R frame is the strongest dirt bike frame Honda makes.

thanks for the info...anyone have any stock XR650 forks for sale?

I've got a set of XR650R Stock forklegs, front wheel, front rotor, upper and lower tripple clamp, all together $300

email if interested.

Dutch is right on. The frame cracking thing is total bs.

Nothing like cheaters and bs'ers to get me worked up...One of the lower level Honda guys who was vaguely involved in the bikes design threw that mis-information out in an early interview stating that the frame 'might' be stressed becouse its allegedly to big a machine for usd forks!! (and if you believe that i have some acreage out near Blyth you might want to buy)...its Honda speak for--'dont ever do anything that might make it look like we could have made a better bike---and we will feed you endless bs to keep from loosing face' Some of the guys lower-down on the totem pole over at American Honda say the strangest things!

The far bigger KTM 950 V Twin has USD forks...take a close look at that bikes steering stem...ours is bigger!

Lots of guys have CRF450 forks on our bike and they all work fine.

The only reason Team Honda doesnt do it is the need to make the race bike look as stock as possible--for marketing reasons...they run a 'hidden' rear shock that is off a KX500!



whats your email!

Steve Drew ran an XR650R in the AMA supermoto last year. (did pretty well too)

He managed to break two frames. Of course he was clearing huge jumps with it too. I think it is possible that it introduces more stress into the frame, but I think it is unlikely that many of us will ever push the bike hard enough to find out.

That said,

I am in the process of putting a set of Ohlins on my XR680RR supermoto bike. :thumbsup:

...but I think it is unlikely that many of us will ever push the bike hard enough to find out.

Ain't that the truth :thumbsup:

The funny thing is that Honda Canada had their XR brochure (2002 I think)

with pictures of a Canadian Paris-Dakar entrant's bike along with the usual

boasting marketing droid speak. Guess what forks were on that bike?

Yup you guessed it - USD forks. So does that mean they are Honda approved

so long as you live in Canada?


ok people I just tried this. I pressed my XR650R stem into CRF450R triples (both 2003). guess what? it didn't work. the stem needs to be longer, then a sleeve needs to be made for the top triple to be used with the particular stem, and the bottom triple needs to be shaved a little so the bike can fully turn.

does anybody just make a triple clamp set to fit a XR650R that will fir inverted forks? if so I'll take a set please.

I can make you a set in my machine shop. The cost will be $500,000 or I can sell you 500,000 sets for a dollar each. Let me know.

I have an 95XR650L that I would like to change over to inverted forks. The forks are from a 97 cr500.any help would be appreciated.

try brp they make custom clamps . my honda shop is curently fitting my 01 650r with a set of olins.my stock forks were toasted in baja this march.they did not stand up well to a head on colision with a ford bronco.(drunk mexican) at 730 am , any my dealer said he will have them copy factory clamps with only changeing diamiter for new forks. i originaly was going to put a set of marizochis(spelling?)but my dealer talked me out of it. it should be done by the end of this mounth.

I fitted a pair of Ohlins UDS forklegs (same diameter as the CRF450 USD forklegs) onto my XR650R.


I used a custom CRF450R tripple clamp from Applied Racing and pressed the XR650R steering stem onto the clamp and up it went into my XR650R frame.

How much were the ohlin forks.

I bought the Ohlins as a Cannondale roller "everything but the motor" for $650.00 from eBay. It came with wheels/brakes/rotors and revalved the forks for motard use at $150.00

That was a screaming deal.

I had to drive about 90 miles one way to pick it up though..

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