I'm trying to get my XRs jetting right. I'm running with a 65 pilot,170 main,and the performance needle from XR's only. This is the jetting that SRC recommends for the XR with a med Exhaust system. I'm thinking of switching to a 68 pilot, 175 main because it seems to be runing a little lean now. I have tooken all the EPA crap off, installed the smog blockoff kit(xr's only),UNI airfilter, and have a E series exhaust on it. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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I know the carbs are a bit different. But on my xr6 with aftermarket header, gutted air screen, twinn air filter, & supertrap Pro 4" exhaust I have the car jetted at 70 pilot, 165 main. I have run a 178 main, but no difference. I found a lot of the jetting was in the pilot to get the bike to start and idle easily.

Check on http://www.justxr.com

They have a bit of info on the 650. They may have a link or more of a guide to get it jetted properly.

Im running the following jetting with a uncorked XR650R and a WB "R" series exhaust:

PJ = 68S

Needle = Honda Hop up #3 from the top

Needle Jet = Honda Hop up

Main Jet = 170 to 175 depending on altitude


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I'm running a 93 650l with your jetting. Same mods with an air box mod and k & n filter. I had been running real rich, but still popping quite a bit. The idle mixture took care of both problems. Runs great.

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