What Exhausts and Results are you getting?

I'm running the White Brothers "R" series. The exhaust tail seciton saved 3.5lbs over the stock unit with the Hop up Honda baffel installed. Performance wise I feel it lost just a touch on the bottom but pulls harder on top. I saved weight High up and added a little top end.

Have any of you run the ProCircit T4 complete system? What were your findings and results? Any other systems use? How did it work out both good and bad vs the stock unit with the Honda Hop up baffel??

Somebody out there must be using the aftermarket so how about sharing results.



Im running the E-series exhaust, and it has increased power throughout the ranges. It seems to have increased torqe at least 25% and is 3lbs 3ozs lighter. I decided to buy the E-SERIES after reading the XR650R pipe shootout in the september 2000/DIRT BIKE issue. They even put the different pipes on

the dyno so you could see how they realy performed. Your R-SERIES recieved the highest marks from DB out of the testing field. Contact DB and try to get this issue and it will answer all your questions.


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