xr650r overheating

Just bought an xr650r yesterday, and when running slow it overheated 4 times, didn't even idle for more than a minute before it started spitting,...is it supposed to come from the factory this way??? any quick fixes?

It sounds like the factory may have over filled your coolant res. The same happened to my 650 when I bought it. You just need to keep your eye on the overflow res, but after the excess fluid ran out it should be fine. I think this is what you are talking about. You also need to change the jetting, exhaust, remove the restrictive air crap, clean the stock air filter(it comes soaked with oil)or get an aftermarket filter, and get a smog block kit from XR'SONLY. These mods will make your XR650R run right and cooler.


Uncork the bike (HONDA hop up intake manifold, remove plugs from air box, Honda hop up exhaust baffel or aftermarket exhaust), run a 68S pilot jet (get this jet form Honda) have the parts man order it off of the XR650R fish and make sure it has 68S stamped on the side when you get it. Run the stock needle it the #4 position from the top and run a minimum of a 170 main jet.

Remove the thermostat and run a 1.8bar radiator cap. You can get the cap from Baja Designs or Kawi dealer. With this cap you can chuck the overflow res.

The bike needs to breathe and be jetted richer, it will run much cooler, much better and be very happy.


Ditto what Clark said. All stock XR's overheat because of restrictions in order to meet EPA requirements so they can sell them green sticker. Do the hop-up kit (which is really how the bike was designed to operate), and the other things Clark mentioned, and say goodbye to boilover.

Not to thread jack or anything but I'm having a similar issue. I've owned my 650r for two years. Never had a problem with overheating issues, riding once a week on average. On a recent ride it overheated and blew a hose.

I have a 1.6bar cap, already and had been running water wetter ihave since changed to engine ice when I replaced the thermostat Only to find on today's ride my reservoir is completly drained and no signs of anything leaking.

Good news is there isn't any coolant in the oil. But at $27/ half gallon I can't afford for this stuff to vanish like a fart in the wind and leaving me stranded/overheated. Thoughts?

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