Can the lights be taken off a wr and just leave the Estart?

I am still in the hunt for getting a bike, I have decided it will for sure be a 450, and 95% sure a Yamaha 450 as I like the Hondas but the only close dealer is full of asses for salesmen.

I ride mostly fire roads and old train tracks (long since taken up, and are now kept nice by the snowmobile clubs) but my best friend races and has got me great connections with the Yamaha dealer who owns the local track, aswell as a vasyt network market stores... :awww: Made many a million running them, so I can't make fun of him too much :lol: So anyway, with these connections the owner has given both of us keys and permission to ride on the tracks whenever we want.

BTW, before someone calls me a lier, this was a couple years ago, I don't ahve a bike right now. :thumbsup:

SO what I want to do is get either an 05 WR450 or a left over 04. But the only thing is that I love the feel and light weight of the YZ, but mostly think lights look stupid. This way I get the benifit of the electric start and the 5 speed tranny plus I get to lose atleast a few pounds of plastic which I know I will crash and break within a week anyway. So I want to ditch both lights for YZ fenders and a number plate. But what I was wondering is how much difference in wieght this will give, because I am pretty sure that most of the extra 25-30 pounds is probably the starter and 5th gear. But even if there isn't much weight benifit, atleast it will look more like what I am used to riding.

So will YZ plastic (most importantly the rear fender and number plate)fit on the WR or would it take extensive modification to make it work?

Thanks guys. :devil:

Never done either mods to mine, but I am pretty sure I have heard the the rear fender is compatible but I am almost certian that the numberplate will not fit becasue of the odometer and "ignition" switch are behind the headlight. You could maybe remove those as well, but then I do not know where the heck you will mount the on/off switch.

I pulled the lights and installed a YZ rear fender & number plate. Also ditch the exhaust for a stock YZ or aftermarket as the WR exhaust weighs about 10 lbs. The bike weighs 249 lbs wet no fuel. You could loose the estart, battery and the kick stand and probably drop another 8 - 10 lbs if need be but the estart is very addicting.

I have taken all that off with no problems. Dump the odom. the kickstand and the lights and you can dump some weight. you well have to make a braket to mount the on\off switch. I mounted mine on the bar mount. I also took a bunch of weight off replacing the exhaust. My bike now weighs about the same as my friends YZ426 :thumbsup:

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