Mich X-11 BEWARE!

Im guessing that the mich x-11 comes in many types. I had my local yamaha shop order me a pair. They ride alright until they warm up and then the rear is all over the place. On the thumper-talk review the tire is said to be DOT approved. Mine clearly says not for highway use. This thing rides like a flat. Any sugestions?

They are not DOT approved but I have heard that 15 psi is the safe way to ride them on the street. I agree they are like riding on gummie bears. No sidewall support at all. :thumbsup:

The point of radial tires is to mold around irregularities in the terrian. Trials tires are made with little side wall support in order to do this.

Dunlop makes a trials tire with more sidewall support than a X-11, but it still is no where near the support that you take for granted with regular knobbies.

I take the sharp edges off a trials tire in two good rides and replace one every month riding trials. You will eat them

up super fast with real HP and Torque.

ICE Racing, definitely. Offroad, not.

Product reviews has Mr. Steve Claus as writing "(did I forget to mention that the michelin X-11 is a DOT approved Radial tire?)". sooo wasssup Steve? :thumbsup:

I just looked at the tires on my trials bike, both the front and rears say DOT. I didn't know that... :thumbsup:

Just dont make sense. Is this just me?

Maybe the tubelesss versions are DOT but the Tube type I have say "not for highway use". :thumbsup:

The dealer told me ( dude you got to have a tube). Not really knowing I went with what he said.

Maybe the tubelesss versions are DOT but the Tube type I have say "not for highway use". :devil:

That's what I thought. But my front is tube and the rear is tubeless, so I don't know :thumbsup:

You can use the tubeless ones with a tube but the bead is reinforced with cables that make it hard to stretch onto the rim. :thumbsup:

Yeah, getting those rears to bead is a BLAST...

I have a bunch of other X-11's in my Garage, I'll see if they are all DOT :thumbsup:

Your trials bikes come from Europe. They make them street legal, which I think is required for competition. They come with street legal tires, that's why Mich and others make trials tires DOT. The 280 I rode last week had DOT tires, but if you look you can find both DOT and non-DOT.

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