mount Autodecompressor Hotcams On Wr400

hi, I have bought the Cams set for my Wr 400 and wanted to know whether someone has some instructions to mount the exhaust cams with Autodecompressor (or is same as normal cam?).

Besides someone I Puòdare the exact measures of the Decompression Plug, that I would like to build it alone?


Andrea :awww::thumbsup::devil:

If you bought the cams from HotCams, they should be able to supply any specific instruction for the installation, otherwise, install and time as shown in the factory manual...

Good luck,


I'm not sure if those cams you bought will work too well in you're bike. when i got mine from hotcams I remember reading on their website that they suggest only installing said cams into bikes with a 95mm bore or larger (95mm=426)I'm pretty sure your bike has the 93mm (or was it 92??) bore.

Here is a link to our instructions.


These instructions where written for our non auto decompressor, but it may still come in handy for you.

On the cam that you have there is two dots on the gear. One goes flush with the gasket surface, and the other one would be pointing up.

As far as that cam working in a 400, it will be fine. If you are just installing our exhaust cam, it wont change the power much. In order to get the increase in power, you would need the intake cam also. The statement about them working better with a 95mm bore or bigger, is just because it will have slightly less bottom end then they would in a 426.

thanks, i have exahust and intake cams, i have bougth the complete kit


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