WR426 Engine

I'm new to the WR world. Just purchased a wr426 the other day. It looks like it came of the showroom floor with only 300 miles. I'm wondering what the engines on these bikes normally sound like. Mind seems kind of loud. Not the exhaust but the engine itself. It doesn't sound like its knocking it just sounds like you can hear the engine working I guess. Is it the timing chain I'm hearing. What does everyone elses engine sound like. BTW I paid $3000 for the bike and it has a full aftermarket D&D exhaust, aluminum bars and a fmf graphics kit. Did I get a decent deal? :thumbsup:...I think so.

I just bought my wr426 back in May clean as hell. It had white bros e-serise exhaust,wide foot pegs,asv levers, renthal bars, one industries graphics,d.i.d. gold chain, and renthal sprokets, new grips, the odometer said 336 miles on it, the guy I bought it from said he never roled it back, He also owened 25 bikes when I bought this one from him. He said he could not use it because of bad knees. I obviously got a great deal as this guy just had to much money to begin with. I paid $2500.00 for mine out in socal. It should have ran me between $3600-$4000 out here in socal.

Yes the engine does make noise if it were a problem mine would have blown up already. Its a great bike hill climbing power for ever. If you can stay on the bike it will climb any hill. :thumbsup::devil:

You are going to love this bike. I just bought one as well. My decision came down to either an XR400 or WR426. My buddy who rides an XR400 kept telling me that an XR would be plenty, that besides a better suspension the WR does not offer more than the XR, etc. Let me tell you, the first time I rode my bike he was with me and I got the chance to ride his right after riding mine...I can sum it up in two words: No Comparison!

He even all but admitted that the WR is better (and this is comming from a die-hard Honda guy)

You are going to love this bike!

Ya you got a good deal, I just bought my '00Wr400F this last spring and I paid 3300$ for it with all the add ons. I thought the price I paid was pretty decent, for buying from a dealer.

I bought mine this year straight out of the crate (wr426f) in January for 4200. My bike engine makes a lot of noise but it runs like no bike I have ever been on before. I LOVE MY BIKE!!! I would marry it if I could :thumbsup: I think you got a great deal. Don't worry about the noise and let it rip!! If you hear anything out of the ordinary then look into it.

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