Fork bushing wear.... what to look for?

I just pulled my forks apart and decided to replace both seals.

Pulled both the bushings also.

Only one of my forks had been leaking.

When I look at my bushings, on the inner surface of one and the outer surface of the other (for each fork) there is this matt black surface that I am told is a teflon coating. This coating seems to be in tact as best as I can see with my blind self.

On the opposite side of both these bushings, it looks like it used to be plated with maybe chrome but it's as if it's worn down substantially (at least half the width of the bushing) to copper in the middle region of the bushing. I'm told that "it looks like" the bushings may be rocking around in my forks and that may explain the wear on that side. I sure would like to know what I'm looking at.

I was also wondering if it would be ok to lightly hit and debur (take the sharp edge off or) the following:

The edges (entire perimeter bottom and top)of the


Also, same procedure but for the top edge of the inner fork tube.

Also for the edges of the valley that one of the bushing sits in.

Also, (although I'm thinking probably not a good idea) the split areas of the bushings.

There are a lot of "sharp" edges on my forks and was wondering if I could/should knock them down a little.

So, what am I looking at/for that could cause me leaks down the road?


dont get carried away and try to do any filling or dressing on the bushings at all,--they are kind of fragile--and the tube needs to be left alone also,any meteral removed would not be a good thing ---the bushings and seals need to be held snug by squair edges. the copper side of the bushing looks funny like that thats ok--the bushings need to have the coating in perfect condition all the way from top to bottem and it must not be worn thin anywhere or comming loose at the edges ,if your chrome tubes have dark streeks on them and if there was alittle to much play between the chrome tube and the slider and if the teflon coating is wearing thin on the bushings or if the fluid was very dirty you should replace the bushings.----you need to really look and debure any chips or dings in your chrom tubes with a file or stone and dress them down with plumers tape and solvent or scotch brite and babo or comet clenser.----make sure the hard anodizing is not wearing thin or comming off the inner tube,(kybs are bad about this)------you need to learn how to remove the penning on the nuts and to remove and kleen your valving and look for destressed or worn shim ---( and it helps you if you want to make valving changes also)------those older style kybs are known for deforming the shimms on the mid valve and the cylinder valve ------you will need to learn to dissamble the cartrage and remove and check those shimms also --------you need to keep the fiuid and bushings fresh in those older kybs they get loose and sloppy quickly and ruin the fluid at a rapid rate and get used to kleening your valving and replacing the destressed shims.

As always, thanks kelstr.


Just dug this up again and it answered a lot of new/old questions I had.

So, thanks again.

Time to get new bushings. Again.

Maybe I need to seriously look into that 06 Cause this can get old in a hurry.

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