650R leaking behind front sprocket

I've got an oil leak comming from behind the front sprocket... or the shifter. Its so messy, I tried to wipe it up and ride to see where it was comming from but its just all over, so I'm going to replace both of them.

Has anyone done this? What am I getting myself into? How do you get that old seal out? hook it and pull or ?? And how will I get the new one in (hopeing I can find a replacement part today...) wihtout bending it all up?

Any hints, tricks, tips, would be great.

It's a known issue on year 2000 & 2001 XR650R's. The fix is simple and inexpensive. Just lay the bike on its side without draining the oil when replacing the seal. Here's a link for you to check out...


leak fixed, piece of cake.

What threw me is, the dip [@#$%&*!] that owned the bike before me actualy had 2 of those seals in behind the sprocket... one in where its s'posed to be and another just sitting there on the spline behind the sprocket, infront of the C-clip... I was looking at the microphish on line and it wasnt making sence till I went and bought the part and saw that the "dust cover" and the seal were the same thing.

I put it back together like it was s'posed to be and all is well.

Thanks quadsan :thumbsup:

I had to replace a seal on the trail on a Trailboss tour in Baja. I carry a seal and a snap ring tool with me. Man does that make a mess when it goes. :thumbsup: Look on the bright side you don't have to oil your chain.

Finding this thread is a huge relief, I just had the same problem with my 01' 650r and I though I was gonna have to split the case...im stoked its an easy fix, ill be riding on no time :ride:

Don't just think its only the early models that had this problem. I had 2000klm's on my 05 model when it dropped its guts.

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