dallas guys??

is Greenville still open, I tried to call that number but no one answers :thumbsup:

I wish I could help you. I have never been to that track and haven't heard anything about it in a LONG time.

We are riding Mosier Valley Sunday and Monday if you want to come out!

Is moiser open saturday? that is the only time I can get away this weekend.

How about Shady Grove? Is it still open?

I had heard that the owner had some problems.

It ain't the best place but at least it is close.

I know they closed.

Yea, there still open. I've never been there but I called on July 20th to see about going that following weekend and they said they were going out of town for about 3 weeks and then it would be back open. The number 903-450-0017 is no good. Dial 903-454-9803. Thats the number that worked for me.

it just rings and rings....hmmmm

Mosier is closed Saturday.

I believe they re-opened Shady Grove. One of the owners died and the kids were fighting over the income that was brought in by the track, I think they got it worked out.

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