XR650L Starting Problem

My 2002 XR650L has a problem starting sometimes and I have narrowed it down now and can duplicate the problem time after time. When the bike is cold and I ride it between 2 and three miles (which I do all the time) then shut it down for 3to 5 minutes it won't start back up with the start button. I then can push start it and it will fire right up. I brought it into the dealer before I new I could duplicate the problem and they changed the jets and the ignition coil. Well I guess it didn't work. What else do you think it could be? It seems to me the bike is in the middle stages between cold and hot. The dealer told me to bring it back in the next day or so but I would love to have some real world suggestions.



Do you know what jets the dealer put in?

I'm guessing if you do the std mods this'll be fixed...

heck, ya gotta do the mods anyway so this bike can kick ass like it was meant to !


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