KTM LC4 RXC620 vs XR650?

I'm debating between a 95 RXC620 and a a XR650R w/street conversion. How do they compare in stock trim? Realiability? Vibration? Suspension? I plan to ride aboout 70% dirt, fire roads, powerlines, and the occasional set of whoops and double jumps :)

One of my riding buddies has a '95 KTM RXC620 which I've ridden. Another buddy just bought a 2000 XR650R, I haven't ridden it yet. My iniitial thoughts are that they are very similar. I think that the KTM might be a bit lighter (the early kickstart only models were pretty light for their size) and the uncorked XR might have a bit more power. The KTM is also quite powerful and has good suspension and handling. Both are super reliable. One problem with the KTM is that it is left side kickstart. I think that the XR will be smoother as it has a counter balancer where as the KTM didn't in 95. Both are "big bikes". I could let you know more after I get a chance to ride the XR.

I hope that helps.

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