no 5th gear in the 426!!!!!!!!!!! 2002

my buddy owns the 426, he works alot of hours so i told him i would try and findout the fix for the problem. Well there is no 5th gear, the bike only has 900 miles on it and its a 2002. He dont ride moto-cross or anything, we just ride the trails, we ride em hard. So he got new plates and changed em, nothing happened, so he bought new clutch, nothing happened, just no 5th period. is there a recall on this?? has anyone else had this happen?? and how do we go about fixing it, if there isnt a recall or something??


thanks for your help!!!

Whatever it is a 2001 or 2002, a stock WR426f has 5 gears .

Transmission problem for sure but don't know what it is, sorry.

Has he ever had fifth gear? Bike running, or stopped...?

Throwing new parts at an undiagnosed problem is an expensive way to try out theories...

We need more info...

and remember, it is 1 down, 4 up... :devil::thumbsup:


It is A WR correct? Not a YZF, maybe they stuck a YZF tranny in it? Jeff

Yeah I owen this bike it's a 2002 Wr426 and it is a five speed trans one down four up. It still runs but in fifth gear the chain spins and does not grab to move the motorcycle it is like it is in neutural but the chain is spinning. All other gears are very stiff in shifting. Yeah changing the clutch didn't help, even though it wasn't slipping that bad at that time it only felt like chatter. :thumbsup:

the shift fork is bent or 5th gear is toothless.

open up the cases and see which one it is.

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

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