Oil Change after 1st Ride

I use gas to clean parts too. :thumbsup:

Just put out yer cigarettes and you should be fine.

There are better options, but gas works great and is always in ample supply...

I just flush my brass filter out with water.....let it dry and reuse it. The only thing your flushing out is small metal shavings...water can to that and it is safe. Just make sure you let it dry out or blow it out with air.

Yeah, water will probably OK. The only concern I would have is that plain water won't dissolve the oil that holds the realy fine stuff on. But that could be overcome by running the pressure up a little and/or using a cleaning agent/soap/detergent/air filter spray, etc. to make it work better.

Overdrive, my son, you should read the MSDS on any pump gas before you stick your hands back in it. Truely.

I'm well aware of the dangers of gasoline. It works well and for the short time my hands are in it, I think I'll be fine. Just about every chemical manufactured today is a carcenogenic. You're screwed no matter what you do.

By the way, I seriously doubt you're old enough to call me son. :thumbsup:

By the way, I seriously doubt you're old enough to call me son. :thumbsup:

Well, maybe not. But I wasn't born in the 'Fifties :awww:

If you are old enough to remember when most pump gas was red, it has changed a lot, particularly if your state uses "Californicated" fuels part of the year. The oxygenating agents (especially MTBE's) used for ultra low emission fuels are very foul things. Cancer is far from the the only issue, too. Liver and kidney failure, brain and nervous system damage have occurred in some individuals after only limited exposure. Obviously, you and most other people are not that sensitive to it, but as a former pro mechanic with 35 years in the buisiness and too many friends on dialysis, I just think that all things considered, a $3 can of mineral spirits is worth the trouble it takes to get it home.

:devil: back at you

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