Boys, This Longtime Cajun Lurker Finally Pulled the Trigger!!

Greetings Everyone-

I finally pulled the trigger on brand spanking new 04 YZ450F.

I got her off of the internet for a song and a dance from a fantastic dealership in Wisconson.

The first bike I had was an old bubble tank Honda 50 with the fold down handlebars when I was in Kindergarden, then a 1977 XR 75, then a plethora of hopped-up Vespa's, now I'll soon have a bike with a sack full of balls, hopefully by mid-week next week.

I was torn between colors, namely blue and red, but given the pandemonium regarding the valves on the other bike, and the flawless operation and minimal maintenance requirements of my Yamaha outboard motors, I chose Blue!!

Can't wait to get her. Now I have to find some riding buddies in and around the Baton Rouge area. I grew up riding trails, but I bet some track work would be a hoot.

On another note, I am the Loctite factory rep for Louisiana. Any questions you might have regarding Threadlocker's, Thread Sealing, Gasketing, Premature Bearing failure's, or just glueing broken parts back together, ask me. I'm here to help as are many other thread members.

Cheers Everyone!

Welcome, Mr. Loctite! Have I got a question for you! Okay, I ovalized my rear hub's sprocket mounting holes due to loose sprocket bolts. Is there anway to either weld them and drill them out to spec, or I have heard of products designed to take up space in the case of ovalized holes such as this. But, isn't this a very touchy area to be messing with, re: all the power and torque the hub bolts take?

Remove your wheel, properly clean and degrease bad areas.

Mechanically abrade the wallowed holes on your sprocket with a small burr bit on a dremel tool- this will give the epoxy solid mechanical adhesion.

Buy a the same size/pitch bolts-cheap ones- from the hardware store, cut the heads off. Thread these headless bolts into your hub deep enough so no threads are exposed. Wrap several wraps of aluminum foil tightly around the smooth shaft and dab a little bit of vasoline with a Q-tip- this will serve as a release agent once the epoxy has fixtured.

Carefully put the sprocket back over the wrapped studs.

Get a tube of the Metal Majic Epoxy Stick, cut off a little sliver, knead it up and gently press the epoxy down into the wallowed hole with the end of a popsicle stick. clean up the radius and any squeezeout with a fresh razor blade.

Repeat for all mounting studs.

Let cure overnight, and remove the mess and mount her up. Use some 242 Blue this time on those bolts.

If the holes aren't really that wallowed, just get some Primer N and the trusty old 242 Blue T/L. Properly Clean, liberally prime the hub holes and the same sprocket studs (let it evaporate), fit sprocket, tighten bolts enough so the base of the hex is far enough off of the outer edge of the sprocket that you can drip a liberal amount of 242 into the gap between the underneath side of the head of the bolt and the sprocket, prime the exposed 242 with a quick light spray, snug up the bolt, then repeat for the rest of the bolts, then torque to spec. Voila!! She's fixed. But let her sit overnight for a full cure.

If you're wondering about the purpose of the primer, it contains copper sulphate held in solution by solvent. Since threadlockers cure in the absence of air in contact with active metal ions, the abundance of copper sulphate (a very active metal) tricks the t/l into curing through the huge gap that is filled with 242 into curing into a solid thermoset plastic.

This problem never would have happened if Blue Threadlocker was used to mount the sprocket in the first place.

An ounce of know the rest..

Got it?

Very nice write-up. Unfortunately, it's my hub's holes that are ovalized, not my sprocket! How could I fix that? Also, I use blue loctite on my sprockets all the time. Do you suggest putting the loctite on the shaft of the bolts as well as the threads on install?

Get a form a thread repair kit, pn. 28654.

Sorry, I misunderstood.

Hopefully that will fix it well enough you won't have to buy a new hub.


Did you buy them from Rock River Powersports?


I got both of mine from there too. They kick ass!

You Betcha, Rock River Power Sports.

Ms. Jodi will get my business again. Her son Mike, the owner and Jodi were amazingly patient with my repeated calls and questions.

I found my new toy on Ebay advertised as NEW, with no reserve, starting price of $4,6xx, and I wound up getting her for $4,745 then $2 bills to get it to Baton Rouge and Zero Sales Tax!!

Yes it was a good day.


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