XR600 - What to do For Tall Heavy Rider

Hi there. I am brand new to this forum. Just got myself a 1994 XR600. It's all stock except for CR500 forks. I have read several times and have noticed myself that the suspension is rather soft. Especially for me: I am 6'7" and weigh about 230 pounds. What do you all recommend as far as modifications to the bike to fit someone like me? I am just a trail rider. Don't need anything too exotic. But I do want to be able to take an occasional jump. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Welcome to the forum! Besides getting the suspension set up for your weight which is important with any of us I would say getting some taller bars (CR high bend) to give you more room and work much better for when you stand. You may want to go even higher then just the bar change out and add a new top clamp that will allow you to raise the bar mounts also. Some larger foot pegs might help as well to give you better control and less fatigue. Enjoy the bike :thumbsup:

Thanks for the feedback and ideas. What specifically do I need to do set the suspension up for someone like me?

I don't know how worn out the suspension is on your '94, but in any case, you will need the next higher spring rate for the forks and the rear shock. Another thing you should consider is changing the fork oil and raising the level up a little higher. I don't know how much use is on your '94 XR, but if it's been used a lot, it's possible that the rear shock needs a rebuild also. Otherwise, if it's still good, you can adjust the compression damping on it to stiffen it up some. And add a stiffer spring of course if it's still too soft for you.

Good luck with it~!



the cr 500 forks aren't an improvement. You'll need new springs front and rear and a tall seat will help.

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