Thumper pride

How many of you have ordered you new thumper-talk graphics? Show your surport and lets get that price down! Lets have the WR400/WR426/WR450 Forum stay on top with the most sold. Need I say more? :lol::thumbsup::devil::awww::lol::D :usa:We all know its worth it!

I'll be picking up my wr450 next week and I tell ya, I'm damn tempted to rip the factory graphics off and put the TT stuff on... I love those flames. :devil:

Chances are I'll wait until the bike needs new graphics before doing the change though...

I am ordering the TT front fender graphics asap though :thumbsup:

To bad they don't make any for the 426's out there. There is a lot of them running around out there in need of a face lift, like mine.

Too wild for me (I'm not into the flame thing) but I did pick up a couple of sets of fender stickers though! :thumbsup:

i ordered some

Come on, your riding a wild bike. :thumbsup::devil:

Im dieing here :thumbsup:

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