Picked up my new 650R

Well, I just got back from Kansas today to pick up my 650R. I got it new with a Baja kit installed. In Colorado altitude is about 6,500ft so I had to bump up the idle but seems to run ok. Wow, this sucker really pulls compared to my DR350. I can't wait to uncork but want to wait until warrenty is up in 6 months.

Do you all think running it stock at this altitude could cause any harm being rich? I was thinking about pulling the plug in the airbox maybe to lean it out but that may make it too lean?

Already got some input as to what to do when I uncork for this alt. Looking at a main jet of 160 or 165 with the stock needle position and pilot, unrestricted intake manifold, pulling airbox restrictors, and HRC exaust tip.

Anything I'm missing?

Anything else I need to pay extra attention to? Bike starts reasonably well around 4 kicks cold.



The bike is already lean running. Being at a higher altitude should richen it but I do not know if it will be enough.

Why are you waiting for the 6mo. warrantee to expire. I purchased the additional 3 1/2 year Honda warrantee on mine. My honda shop covers the bike completely and mine is unplugged. After all it is a Honda kit built by Honda which unplugs it.

Congrats on the new bike :thumbsup::devil:

Should of bought a KTM....:thumbsup:

Chopjaw, I'm sure KTMs are nice, but I have been waiting 5 years to buy this beast :thumbsup: No hydraulic clutch but what a frigging motor!

Should of bought a KTM....:thumbsup:

I suspect your talking about the 625 SXC, Last week I traded off with one of my riding buddies who rides a 625 SXC. He rode my XR650R and I rode his KTM. His KTM needed some mods to make it woods worthy in my opinion. The motor has a noticably different power delivery and vibrates considerably more than the XR. It needs a steering stabilizer more than my XR650. The rear brake pedal is extremely hard to find, its almost buried under the case. And it needs a bigger sprocket on the rear. Its was geared too tall for my likings. I could not have written this before last Saturday since I had never ridden a 625 KTM until then. As far as power delivery goes the Honda is smoother and faster in the lower gears. We were not riding in the taller gears so I don't know what they compare like on top.

We were riding tight technical woods. The 625 would make a excellant all around bike with just a few mods. I do not know that I would choose it over my XR650R. But then when you consider all the money I dumped into mine to make it what it is, I paid way more for it than the 625 would cost with the needed mods I suggested. If I was going out to buy a big bore four stroke for desert and trail would I consider getting the 625? Yes. Would I consider buying a 625 and selling my XR650R? No way.

My honda is a little lighter but not enough to make any real difference. I think the Honda is more easily managable.

So what did my buddy think of the XR650R. He really liked mine which has electric start, GPR stabilizer, bigger tank for long rides and Z-start auto clutch. He was way impressed. So what is he going to do? He is buying a GPR stabilizer and Rekluse Z-Start auto clutch for his 625. Personally I like the look of both bikes. But one thing I still feel is true about the big XR over the KTM is long term reliability with very little upkeep. The KTM may hold its own for a race like Dakar but I am unconvinced about 10 years of trouble free service which is common on the XRs. You will note that I do dump a lot of money in my XR but I would not do that if I didn't think it was rock solid reliable. Why pay for parts that you never really get to enjoy?

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