after installing a 430 big bore kit, headporting and jeting. my XR430 decided to break a rod!! destroying bothe case's, the cylinder , piston and bending several shifting shafts and bending the counter shaft! completely destroying the motor! this was after 12+ HARD rides.

if your gonna go big bore and POWER, GET A NEW ROD!!!i will get pics of all of it. just to let you guys see a nasy rod break.

anyone gotta spare xr engine???

sKiNNyWhEaT, Should I disregard the post about you "ripping a WR426 a new A!!??? :) Dan

no way dude!! the power my xr was making far exceeded the rods strength!. gimme about 1 month and ill show you guys a 442 electric start :D. that will have those blue bikes scared on sight. :)

sKiNNyWhEaT, Sounds cool!!!!! But to keep up with my WR426F you'll have to do 103mph for a while, Just make sure you use tons of lock-tite on that bad boy!! :) Have fun SW, Dan

The electric start 442 sounds sweet, I'm going to be putting my XR chassis back together with E-start, just like my 406 already is. you'll make every other XR and YZ/WR owner jelous every time you hit the button.


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