Applied Triple Clamp for 650R

Just received the Applied triple clamp I ordered from Rocky Mountain MC.

I was surprised to see that there were no bolts included for the part of the clamp that wraps around the forks. Also, no instructions. I guess it's sort of self-explanatory, but I would have liked some torque specs for the three bolt points: the wrap around, the risers, and the bars.

I called Rocky Mt., and they called Applied. Apparently the 650R clamp doesn't come with closing bolts, the user is expected use the stock bolts. Also said that there's a spec / instruction sheet on Applied's site, but I didn't see it.

I know a few of you use the applied clamp.

Any suggestions? :thumbsup:


mine came with the pinch bolts : :awww: the stock bolts will work - i used the stock bolts to mount the cycra tripple clamp mount because the bolts were longer - but that set up didnt work so i had to go back to the bar mounted cycra so i put the shorter bolts back in :thumbsup:

jeff :devil:

Thanks, Jeff!

Hey, looks like the GPR 2 mounted okay on your Applied clamp! :thumbsup:


use the stock specs!!!

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