new xr650

i,m picking up my bike on is a list of mods i will perform prior to running intake,172 main jet stock needle on fourth clip,68s pilot jet,remove air filter restrictions,stock exhaust tip modified beyond the normal drill out.removal of thermostat and replacing stock coolant with evans cooling fluid,this coolant requires that i moniter the oil temp because the coolant does not boil till 370 f.i,ll monitor the oil temp with a hand held unit, it,s cheaper than buying the dip stick type and i only need to establish a base line temp at maximum output ie; hot day slow riding or slow hill climbing.also plan on removing the judder spring and hardware and replaceing them with a stock fibre.while i,m in the clutch i,ll also bevel the clutch bushing to prevent dragging.drain stock fork fluid and replace with extra light spectro fluid,new .46 race tech fork springs.eibach shock spring at 10.0 or 10.5 rate.personal info;elevation 3000-5500ft,70deg f average temp,210 lbs without gear,6-1" tall intermedite rider ,various terrain.p.s will also run a 13 tooth front sprocket.


Why don't you ride it for about 15/30 min. so you can realy apreciate the power gains you'll get from these mods, or just do it like you said. I rode mine for a while completly stock, waiting on the high power parts, then unkorked it and put on a E-series pipe, White Power filter, 68s pilot, 175 main, needle in 4th position.


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