Steering Dampener

I would appreciate any input and experience with the Scotts steering dampener. BRP has quoted me $599 for the dampener, triple clamp and Pro Tapers. That is a ton of $$! Plus the Scotts screws into the oilfiller hole. Is this a huge hassle?

Ride Red.

Moose, This is a good question. Everyone has their own opinion, I have the whole Scotts set up and I like it very much, but it's alot of money. GPR has a package deal for $499.00, thats a big savings. Did you know on the Scotts unit you can buy a special mount to go on the front side of your bars? I think that is for the use of larger tanks, anyway I think it looks alot cleaner. The choice is yours, if you have the extra bread I say you only live once, GET IT!!! Good luck, Dan


I have the complete Scotts stack on my XR650R and love it!!! Mine mounts in the oil filler hole and to me its not a hassel as my 650 does not burn any oil and I change it every 300 miles or so. It might add 3 to 4 minutes to a oil change no big deal. Once you have the dampener Oil filler cap mounter post aligned in its opeimum position--just mark its location relative to the frame with a small punch mark and it goes on and off in a jiffy.

I went for this set up since I run Speedometer and timing equipment and the forward mount would have been a hassel for mounting the Speedo gear and stuff.

I jumped back on a 650 without the dampener and could not believe the difference the dampener flat out works. If you ever have the opportunity to ride back to back with and with out the dampener in ruff stuff You will see what I mean. One of the best mods I have ever done to any motorcycle.



If I hadn't mailed a check to the Infernal :) Revenue Service today, I'd be all over the Scotts. We're headed to Moab this weekend and the rocks would make a steering dampender most welcome.

Thanks for the advise Red Riders!






TOLL FREE 866-782-4600

OUTSIDE USA 818-782-4600

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