Anyone use Motorex?

Just curious what you think of it?

never heard of "Motorex". :thumbsup: what is it?

Go to Make sure you use the www or it wont work.

They are an oil company.

I have heard of it, but I haven't seen it locally. As I understand it, however, they make an oil that is graded JASO Grade MA. JASO is the Japanese counterpart of the API, and was actually formed in response to concerns of Japanese manufacturers of high performance four-strokes that the newer API oils were going down the wrong road with respect to adding or removing additives to satisfy the EPA. They were particularly concerned with the removal of the sulfur-based wear reducers found in API SG oils that most of them recommended for their engines (check your service manual). To address this, JASO came up with 2 grades specifically for high performance motorcycles. The first, MA is directly analogous to API SG, and can be used in any engine needing an SG oil, including those with wet clutches in the same oiling system. The second, MB is basically an MA (API SG) with friction modifiers to further reduce friction, and can only be used in engines like the CRFs that separate the clutch from the engine.

I use Golden Spectra 10w-40 synthetic blend graded JASO MA, API SG. Motorex is a reputable oil maker, so I would guess that their MA oils would give similar good results, but, as I say, I haven't used them. But I'd look at it if I ever see it.

Motorex is OK, all new Katooms come with Motorex, so it cannot be BS. Anyway, most important is you change the oil often and that the type is correct; I change every 2-3 hours.

I run Motorex valveguard in my fuel, but havent used the oil as yet. It's got a good name down here in Oz due to the Marmont brothers doing a clean sweep on the SX series on their Motorex KTM's. On the subjet, I believe the Marmont brothers are heading (maybe already there) to USA to race. They could be the next big Ozy Export.

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