Need XR650 service manual info...

Can anyone tell me the specs from their XR650R manual for the following...

1) Primary Reduction Ratio

2) Gear ratios for 1 - 5

3) Front and rear sprocket tooth counts

4) Rear wheel radius in inches

5) Max RPM or rev limiter number

I'm trying to calculate top speed.



Primary reduction - 1.651

1st - 3.083

2nd - 2.125

3rd - 1.666

4th - 1.333

5th - 1.115

Sprockets - 14/48

Max RPM - 8500

Wheel and tire rad. - 13.25 inches to the top of the knobs.

Has anyone reduced the primary sprocket to, say 13? I can't really use the wicked top speed of the XR650R, but a little more gearing for the rocks and tight trails could be fun. Hey, with the stock sprocket it is still a tractor.


Thanks for the info!

I'm running 13/48 right now. I have tried 14/50, 13/50 and 13/48 in addition to sstock 14/48.

The 13/48 is what I'm sticking with for dual sport riding and general riding out of my garage. For tigher trails I would go to the 13/50 which requires a longer chain (112pins verses the stock 110 pin chain).


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