Newbie-Pls describe "uncorking" a XR650R

Would you please go through the general steps to uncork a XR650R to improve performance. Use Honda/HRC kit/parts or aftermarket? Skill required to DIY or dealer/indie mechanic? Cost range?

Also does the removal of emmissions comtrol parts (part of uncorking process?) effect DMV registration if I convert to D-P street legal?

Thanks alot, John

See for all kinds of info on this bike including uncorking details, etc.

Removing these parts likely won't affect your DMV registration since the DMV person won't know exactly what to look for, but any modification can affect your warranty. For instance, installing a Dual Sport kit voids the factory Honda warranty & the Honda extended warranty.

Not sure where you got the information about installing a dual sport kit voiding the warrenty. I just bought an XR650R with a Baja Designs dual sport kit installed and they explained I had the 6 month warrenty. Am I missing something? If so please explain because I will be pissed if they voided my warrenty without telling me.



Not sure where you got the information about installing a dual sport kit voiding the warrenty.

I got that info straight from a Honda claims adjuster. I've also talked to the owner of a small independant repair shop who deals with Honda warranty issues and he also comfirmed this very info. Crazy, huh? He said an aftermarket carb or a cam or something as simple as a Dual Sport kit will void the Honda warranty 'IF' the adjuster wants to push the issue.

I've heard from others and read posts here and there where Honda dealers have sold Honda extended warranties to CRF450 owners and that bike comes without any warranty to begin with. Honda will not honor the Honda extended warranty on the CRF450 even if the dealer sold it to the customer. Dealers should know better than to sell customers a factory Honda extended warranty for their CRF450, but mistakes happen (sometimes on purpose) and some dealers aren't as informed as others. If your Honda dealer says the aftermarket D/S kit doesn't void the factory warranty, then have them show you in writing where it doesn't or have them put it in writing if that's really a huge concern for you. Chances are a Honda dealer has more leeway in what they can and can't do, but independant repair shops doing Honda warranty work have to deal with a Honda claims adjuster for certain types of repairs.

Wow, I'd be pissed if the dual sport kit voids any kind of warrenty because I purchased it with the bike. Also, by looking at the warrenty guide that came with the bike, it clearly says aftermarket accesories "could" void the warrenty if they caused the damage. Now that much I can understand but if I have a dual sport kit and the engine eats a valve, I would hope they would honor the warrenty. I'll have to ask.

I would hope they would honor the warrenty.

I would hope they would too. Many years ago I had a Chevy S10 Blazer and I installed a new speakers in it shortly after buying it, but I left the factory stereo installed. Simple enough, huh? Within a few months, all the lights inside the car and would intermittently flicker on and off and the stereo would cut out. The dealer couldn't find a thing even after being in the shop several times. Then while driving I leaned back in the seat more than usual and the lights flickered and the stereo cut out and I could then make the problem happen at will by leaning back in the seat, but on the way to the Chevy dealer, smoke started coming from the dash, so I shut it down and had the car towed in. The dealer said my aftermarket speakers disrupted the grounding system for the vehcile and fried my PCM, the stereo, etc, and that I'd be responsible for the entire repair bill. I was pissed because I knew it was a wiring harness problem and they wouldn't listen to me. I had it towed from the dealer I bought it from to another dealer who found the problem to be the wiring harness shorting out underneath the drivers seat and they took care of everything under warranty. Some dealers are more capable than others and some are more honest than others. If you've got a good dealer, then you should be just fine. I doubt you'll have any problems anyway for a long time whether the bike has a warranty or not. These bikes are pretty darn reliable if you follow Hondas maintenance schedules, especially if you're just a weekend warrior. Rest easy, ride hard & be safe :thumbsup:

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