Newbie-Which Yamaha model (WR or YZ) can be made street legal?

I'm interested in purchasing either a Yamaha or Honda to be converted to street legal. The XR650R is the Honda model that appears to be converted most often - which Yammie model (the WR4XX or the YZ4XX) can be also converted for street use (DMV plate in NJ)?

Also your opinion of the advantages of this model over the


Thanks, John

The WR's are easier to make legal. If you tried to make a YZ legal you'd buy alot of the stuff that the WR already has. I don't know first hand or all the details but the WR has a stator to power your lights, a more adaptable (W)ide ®atio transmission a bigger gas tank and other stuff I'm sure I'm leaving out. There are kits out there for just about any bike. Dennis Kirk sells one ($500)but there are probably a bunch out there.

There's alot of XR's on the road and the trails, but it hasn't been updated in forever. The new bikes are water cooled and sport the latest engine, frame, suspension, etc. advances.

I think I'd get WR450, but only cause I've ridden one and think it does alot of different stuff well. Oh yeah, the WR450 has the "button" i.e. electric start :thumbsup:.

Wish I could be more help.


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