WR4XX or YZ4XX for Street Legal?

Posted under YZ index, too.

I'm interested in purchasing either a Yamaha or Honda to be converted to street legal. The XR650R is the Honda model that appears to be converted most often - which Yammie model (the WR4XX or the YZ4XX) can be also converted for street use (DMV plate in NJ)?

Also your opinion of the advantages of this model over the


Thanks, John

WR :thumbsup:

I definately would NOT get the honda, unless you are doing mostly on road riding. If you are serious about offraod riding get the WR 450 its a 5 spd. The yz is only a 4 speed. The Wr450 is better pretty much in every aspect than the xr650r. It's lighter, handles better.

Wr is easier, the YZ doesn't come with a lighting coil or lights....

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