'94 XR650L "skipping" in 2nd Gear

I have a question about my old-timer XR...I was noticing some slipping in several gears a few weeks back and changed the clutch. This helped the problem immensely, but second gear is still skipping under heavy load. It feels like the transmission just spins freely for a split second before re-engaging... Have I damaged some gears in the transmission? I can't get it to skip in any other gear--regardless of how hard I accelerate.

Do I need to split the case to repair? If so, what gaskets/consumable items will I need to complete the job?


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who uses second gear?

I am experencing the same thing with my 94'. I have not changed the clutch yet but it was in the planning. I wonder if it is a 94' thing? I had the output shaft replaced 3 years ago and the trans gears looked like new then. As for gaskets, well a full engine gasket set and rings. If it has some miles on it, like mine did, that would be the time for a rebuild since the engine will have to be completly dissesembled to split the case to get to the trans. I ended up with a new piston, cam and rockers, valve guides and valves. The cam chain and sprockets were fine and the dealer said they did not need replacing.


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