What is that?

I have a question about my wifes XR200. I know it's not a 650 but some of you may know.

There is this strange little funnel shaped plastic canister attached to the frame. It has 3 half inch hoses attached to it. One connects to the crankcase, one to the airbox, and the other goes nowhere and is plugged. What is this thing? What does it do? And if I don't need it, how can I properly remove it?

It is most likely a condensation trap, for the crankcase vent. Open the plug on the bottom and more than likely a little water will come out. It runs to the airbox so only clean filtered air can get into the crankcase. You could probably remove it, and just run the crankcase hose to atmosphere, as long as you put a small screen or filter on the end of it. :)

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