IMS 3.4 Gallon Fuel Range?

Anyone care to share their fuel range for trail riding with the IMS 3.4 Gallon Tank? This bike really seems to suck the gas! Does anyone make a 4.0 gallon tank that doesn't feel fat. I'm looking for 90 to 100 mile fuel range !

Have to agree, the Clarke is an excellent tank and it's $75 cheaper than IMS. I bought one of each. I kept the IMS mostly because I got it way cheap through a friend. I posted a message on the XR650R site at yahoo about the problem I had with the first IMS tank. If you go with IMS be sure the brass inserts for the radiator shrouds are SQUARE. If they are round they may break loose and spin when you try to remove the radiator shrouds.

PS I have made it 200 miles with my IMS 4.6 gallon tank.

Good luck


[This message has been edited by KBeach (edited 04-20-2001).]

I have done up to 120 miles on the IMS tank cruising. I have done about 100 miles under race conditions.

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