xr650 radiators

anyone no of any after market supplier on these things they are almost 500.00 bucks for a pair from honda

IMS... They are supposed to be super beefy! they look awesome! you can also get them through Billet Racing Products (BRP) For $400 :thumbsup::devil:

per vantolr's advice, I sent my right radiator off today to mylers in UT. UPS said next tues delivery, so I'll see how long it takes and will keep all those who have never used these guys informed.


Many of the guys on the DRZ page have used Mylers and are happy with thier work. :thumbsup:

found a place called www.btosports.com they also have them for other models crf450s and other makes also 390.00 shipped to your door they havent sold any they said but keep the site handy

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