Decibel Rating On PowerCore IV (quiet)

Anyone have a true decibel rating on the new PowerCore IV SQUARED SA QUIET version? Anyone now how many decibels the Stock Power Up Baffle is?


I called FMF Friday to ask the same question.

The guy I talked to was no rocket launcher. He had no info, didn't know of anyone who did, and said that all the performance specs would be listed on the web site some time in May or as soon as they were available. I don't know the decible rating for the Honda baffle but I'm running one and I'm the quietest 4 stroke everywhere I've been so far. The noise level is very close to my friends XR650L with an E.A.R. Supertrap.

FYI I talked to Mike @ Big Gun about their Quiet series. He said the noise level was much louder than the Honda performance baffle. If you find a good quiet one let me know.


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The latest Dirt Rider Magazine says the dicible rating is 96. I have a 5 day old XR650R and I have the "quiet" power core tip. The sound is great, but quiet its not. Once I put that on with the power up kit, it became the monster I was looking for. I don't miss my CR 500 any more!

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