XR440 kit on my XR400???

I'm considering a Weisco 440 kit for my '96 XR400. Since there's no XR400 Forum, I thought I'd start here...

Anyone have any experience or knowledge of the virtues of doing this?

How about any other changes required to support it? Jetting? I heard somewhere you may need an exhaust with bigger head pipes...

Any info would be appreciated! thanks!



"Keep the Rubber Side DOWN!"

I had an XR 440 2 years ago, sold it, got the 650, sold it, bought a WR, for sale, going to build another XR440, as it was the most nimble on the trail, with the torque that made it awesome at low speed, yet it would pull strong. I ran the stock exhaust, but all uncorked. I miss the bike dearly, as most all of my riding is in the tight woods. I got my kit from Summers racing, all Wiesco parts, and never had any problems with it. It's what the 400 needs

I've got a 2000 XR400R with over 9K invested. Awesome bike! I just bought a 650R from scott summers and I am selling the 400. The price is $6,000 (non-negotiable). You can read almost every single mod I did (except for the last two) by requesting my free report all about the bike. Just send an email to the address below:


For me, I am faster on the 650R EVERYWHERE! But I am 230 6'3" without gear and have a funny riding style. Just ask the guys and UTAHMOTO.COM



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