Have I mentioned I love my dealer???

It's really too bad not every dealer has service like the dealer I have in Moscow, ID (Palouse Country Sports Yamaha). I was in there yesterday killing some time, and the parts guy and I got to talking about hot starts somehow. I mentioned that I had contemplated seeing if a CRF setup would work on the YZ. We talked about it for a minute, then he tells me to hang on for a second... He had a Dr. D hotstart in the back that had been opened but was complete (he thought) that he said he'd sell me for his cost ($65). So naturally, I scooped it right up!!! Brought it home, got ready to install it, and noticed it was missing a couple parts. I took it back down there today and showed him what was up, and he sent me away with a brand new (complete LOL) Dr. D hot start at NO extra charge. THAT is service, and THAT is why I go out of my way to order every little thing I can from them. I've had to deal with a crappy dealer before, and I pity those of you who don't have a good dealer near you. Three more cheers for James, Arlin, and the rest of the Palouse Country Sports Yamaha team!!!

Thats great :thumbsup:

I think my local Yamaha dealer woudl do that....NOT!

I wish I had a Yamaha dealer as good as yours to support. I would. We have a Honda /Suzuki dealer like that, but soemhow selling Yamaha's in Utah turns everyone into a P***k.

Rare can you say rare - good to great dealers are a vanishing breed - almost to extinction! :thumbsup:

I am going to adjust my valves on Labor Day so my dealer loaned me his shim kit to make sure I would have the parts I need. My dealer always goes above and beyond.

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