Does your XR650R like choke?

I have only started my bike a handful of times as I have to wait a few weeks to get it street legal here in colorado. One thing I noticed is that it is starting ok but doesn't like choke. (bike is completely stock, havn't uncorked yet). When I kick in full choke it will try to start but kill on the first kick. If I immediately drop it to the second notch of choke it will usually fire on the 2nd or 3rd kick and then I have to almost immediately take it out of choke to keep it running. I'm assuming this could be because I'm at 6,500ft alt and it's rich anyway and doesn't need much choke. Anybody else experience this?

As the weather gets colder I think youll find it can use the choke.

Once you uncork the bike, it will start and run a lot better. After it's uncorked, at 6500', use a 155 or 160 main jet. And don't worry, that won't be too rich once the intake and exhaust is opened up via the uncorking procedure.

The bike is never going to start well or run well in it's stock condition. It's pathetic and slow, in stock form.

Uncorked and rejetted, my bike still requires full choke cold engine for one kick, where it will hit once. Then, middle position and kick again, bike will start, immediately take it off choke, bike will continue to run with some light throttle. When the engine is warm/hot, one kick with no choke and it fires right up.

Have fun man, a Dual-Sport XR650R is great~!!!


'00 XR650R uncorked/jetted/street legal


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