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New LC4 400 SM Friend

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Hello guys,

my name is christos and i come from athens, greece.

i own an LC4 400 SM 1999 since 2000. Mods? LOTS. Great bike to experiment. So far i ride with an fcr 39, which i ordered it from pro-flow via internet (here in greece i had to sell my bike to buy it - very expensive - but it is worth it),i place an K&N filter in the airbox (with a few mods - basically i cut the airbox in order to fit it) and finally an Akrapovic ti system. I believe that i might be the only one who has the akra on the 400. Before i decide this i send a lot of e-mails to almost all the ktm dealers around europe and the people of akra. No one could tell me for sure how the akra would work on the 400. KTM was swerring that it wont work on the 400 cause akra is only made for the 640cc and up. However, i took my thoughts down to my mechanic and decide to find a way to fit it. What was the prob? Akra has headers of 60mm compared with the 400cc. Ok this was not the prob, larger pipes provide greater gas flow. But the silencer was way to large for the 400. THIS was the prob. The 400 does not have the sufficient compression to run this silencer properlly. What if we cut the silencer down to the 400/520 silencer's lenght? So we did it. I found a used akra silencer (i was not planning to pay 450 euros for a new one and experiment!!)

After a week everything was ready to test. FCR39-K&N-AKRA*KTM LC4 400 = 43.5 horses at rear wheel on dyno test.

Since then i only try to figure out the best jetting for the fcr. I can say that compared with the 41 the 39 is a bit strange carb.

What I changed so far on the stock settings from pro-flow are:

Main jet:172-178 (at the moment i ride with the 175)

Needle position: 3rd clip

mixture screw: 1 1&2

pilot: #48

Needle: ocemn

Thank you


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