YZ400F oil leak (sorry- long rant)

I can't believe it. I work two jobs, still make no money, and haven't ridden my bike in months. The only comfort I get is going to the garage to look at it and think of the day things will get better and I might be able to ride. I go out tonite and find a small amount of oil on the floor. After pulling the glide plate and cleaning the cases, I find no cracks, so I watch to see where it is coming from. It slowly starts to seep from where the center cases meet. Guys, this is killing me. Please someone tell me I do not have to split my cases to replace a gasket. I simply can not afford that right now. My son is begging to go riding, but I don't want to take any chances and break something else I can't afford to fix. If anyone has a temporary fix or a suggestion, I am all ears.

Sorry about all the whining and crying- :thumbsup::devil: It's been a tough few months.

The two case halves don't use a gasket per se, but use the form-a-gasket stuff (like Yamabond). The first thing I would do is to make sure all the case bolts (there are a bunch of them - reference your manual) are torqued down correctly. All the bolts (they are all Allen bolts, by the way) tighten from the left side and some of them are inside the alternator/flywheel cover. You may have to get a puller to remove the flywheel in order to check those bolts - I can't remember). A word of caution - the bolts don't take much torque so spare your self further grief down the road by doing this with a proper torque wrench.

Good luck! :thumbsup:

If the case bolts aren't loose I would turn the bike upside down and use epoxy on the leak.

Thanks for the advice, guys. I have checked the bolts, and they are fine. I was thinking about the epoxy thing already. Looks like thats what I'll do.

Thanks again. :thumbsup:

Are you sure it's not the drain plug that is leaking? The copper gasket on the drain plug needs to be replaced every once in a while. I've had to replace mine twice because it has leaked.

I was hoping it would be that simple, but no such luck. Man, nothing has been easy lately. :thumbsup:

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