DIY upper fork protectors

I made some decent upper for protectors for my YZ. I dont like the stock ones. They look too bulky and require modification. I dont like not using anything. The lower guards rub lines in the area around the seal.

I was walking the dog last night and saw soem 2 inch pvc pipe on the ground. Once I got home I sliced a section 15mm thick. I then split the round tube.

It clips into place and works like a charm. It looks halfway decent as well. I may try some of the black colored PVC pipe today.

The cost is not worth mentioning. A 12 inch section should be way less than 5.00. The 1 foot section is probably enough pvc for everyone on this board.

I can take a picture, but lack of intelligence would prevent my posting said picture. Me that dumb. Still, if someone wants a photo, contact me at

An update. The black pvc did not work very well. It is too brittle and breaks while installing. No matter really, the white works just fine.

You're talking about the little ring thingys right above the lower fork guard? That's a heck of a good idea!!!

Yes, the silly upper protectors .


Maybe I could sell them. 49.95 for the set. Lifetime guarantee????

Ill take a pair :thumbsup:

Maybe I could sell them. 49.95 for the set. Lifetime guarantee????

Sign me up for two!!! :thumbsup:

If you spray paint them blue, then take a Dremel with an engraving bit and etch "YAMAHA" in them you could sell them for $69.95 a set!!! :devil:

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